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The MBA’s Law Practice Management Section serves to assist members in sustaining an efficient, ethical and fulfilling law practice by sponsoring continuing education programs that counsel attorneys on how to start and continue to operate successful businesses, including areas of case management, technology and client selection and retention.


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  1. Law Practice Management Section Council Meeting

    Sep 8, 5:15 PM - 6:45 PM (ET)
    Boston, MA, United States


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  • Susan White

    Your revenue generation is connected to your entity's structures and processes as much as it is to your raw rainmaking skills!

    Law Practice Management (LP)

    The February 2014 Newsletter from Letterman White Consulting will inspire you to consider whether it's time for a check-up, how your revenue generation is connected to the structures and processes in your law firm, and give you a few tips for engaging new clients, referral sources, or anyone whose opinion matters to you. Click here to view the entire newsletter Click here to subscribe to future newsletters Here's a sample: MORE

  • Damian Turco

    Need More Professional Credibility? Volunteer for Something

    Law Practice Management (LP)

    As an active member of the MBA, including Vice Chair of the Law Practice Management Section Council, and owner of my own plaintiff personal injury law firm, Mass Injury Firm, P.C. , it is safe to say that I've given considerable thought to the importance of professional credibility. No matter how you cut it, professional credibility is essential to your success. That goes for attorneys of all backgrounds and levels of experience. Professional credibility is generally difficult and time-consuming... MORE

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  • Susan White


    Law Practice Management (LP)

    Networking is a word we use to describe a process for meeting people, who might become our next best client, referral source, connection to a job opportunity, business partner, sponsor, or friend. There is a science and art to this process, which is an integral part of a disciplined marketing strategy. On April 4, 2013, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel of successful networkers Cynthia MacCausland, Donald Lassman, and Daniel Dain. The program, sponsored by the MBA Law Practice Management... MORE

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  • Susan White

    Rainmaking networks: Perfecting your sales

    Law Practice Management (LP)

    Rainmaking is much more than a consequence of having the right skills; it is also about having the right networks! (The term "network" refers to a person's direct and indirect contacts.) Do you ever wonder why some people are better at sales than others? Well, here's the answer: They think differently. They act differently. And, they have different networks. The networks of top rainmakers look different. "Different configurations of networks produce different results, and the salesperson... MORE

  • Thomas Barbar

    "Getting Paid" CLE on Tuesday, 12/11/12 4pm-6pm

    Law Practice Management (LP)

    Law Practice Management has rescheduled the Getting Paid CLE from Tuesday, 12/11/12 4pm-6pm until Tuesday 1/15/13 4pm-6pm at the MBA office. Members indicated that they were more available in January. I hope many of you can make it, and it should prove to be an extremely worthwhile seminar on all aspects of Getting Paid. MORE

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Damian J. Turco (left), chair
Susan Letterman White (right), vice chair

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