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The MBA’s Family Law Section is designed to improve the Probate and Family Court’s accessibility and efficiency for the benefit of lawyers, judges, staff and the public by keeping its members current with educational seminars, updates on legislative activity and bench/bar networking opportunities.


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  • Anthony Adamopoulos

    Professional Development Breakfast: Using Arbitration to Reach Resolution

    Family Law (FL)

    Divorce Arbitrator Anthony Adamopoulos of Boxford will address divorce professionals – attorneys and mediators- at a professional development conference of The Divorce Center on Wednesday, April 29 th at the Newton Marriott. His presentation will be entitled: Using Arbitration to Reach Resolution. The Divorce Center is a non-profit dedicated to providing divorce education and resources to the general public and professionals. Adamopoulos’s office is in Salem, Massachusetts. For more information:... MORE

  • Anthony Adamopoulos

    How To Use Deadlock Arbitration in Collaborative or Divorce Mediation

    Family Law (FL)

    Part 2 See Part 1 Why Confidential Deadlock Arbitration Is Valuable in the Mediation or Collaborative Divorce Processes Making the decision to arbitrate: Deadlock Arbitration sm can be used to resolve deadlock arising out of the Collaborative or Mediation process. After deadlock, attorneys discuss arbitration with their clients. Pro se litigants discuss arbitration between themselves. If all agree,... MORE

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  • Anthony Adamopoulos

    Why Confidential Deadlock Arbitration Is Valuable in the Mediation or Collaborative Divorce Processes

    Family Law (FL)

    WHY CONFIDENTIAL DIVORCE DEADLOCK ARBITRATION ? PART 1 What is Deadlock Arbitration? Deadlock Arbitration sm is a private confidential process that avoids the need to “change over” to public court litigation when divorce mediation or Collaborative Divorce reaches a total breakdown. What causes deadlock? Deadlock results from a party refusing to move from a position. For example, consider this scenario: After negotiating for a period,... MORE

  • Steven Ballard

    Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines and Shared Parenting: Skewed Results with a Literal "Average" in the 2013 Guidelines (Part Seven of Ten)

    Family Law (FL)

    As I began to explore in Part Six, the 2013 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines formula for the intermediate, shared parenting category, of 33-50 percent of parenting time, is quite poorly conceived and drafted, in that it does not specify the use of a negative number in computing the "average" where it is an average of transfers by different parents one to the other. Literally interpreted, the formula works well, and as designed, in all cases in which the parent with less parenting time... MORE

  • Steven Ballard

    Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines and Shared Parenting: Wrestling With Those Puzzling Provisions of the 2013 Guidelines (Part Six of Ten)

    Family Law (FL)

    In Part Five, I began to discuss the puzzling new provisions of our current 2013 Guidelines and ended with the presentation of what I see as seven inter-related and overlapping issues, which I will further examine in this part using a recent court case as an example. First, a short restatement of those basic seven issues (for a more detailed description of these issues themselves, see Part Five again): 1. How do we count parenting time to arrive at percentages? 2. When and how should... MORE


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My Go-To Resource for All Things Family Law: Massachusetts Practice Family Law and Practice with Forms

There is only one resource I keep at arm’s length, each and every day, in my family law practice. I am both excited and honored to announce that the West Publishing Company has just released the newest edition of my go-to resource for all things family law -- the four-volume Massachusetts Practice Series, Family Law and Practice books, by Charles P. Kindgregan Jr., Maureen McBrien, Esq. and Patricia A. Kindgregan, Esq.

The new edition continues its legacy as the best guide to family law practice in Massachusetts. As a young attorney, I have ample reason to seek guidance from this exemplary resource. No matter the topic, I am never left desiring more from this series.

The fourth edition provides updates in every section and includes new chapters that explore forward-looking topics, such as electronic discovery, electronic evidence, alternative dispute resolution, social media, health insurance, parenting coordinators and the new alimony laws.

The fourth edition also continues to provide a well-organized, user-friendly experience. The books, and the accompanying CD-ROM, provide essential forms for practice in Massachusetts.

I have no doubt my go-to resource for all things family law can provide judges and lawyers, with any level of experience, with a reliable source of information pertaining to family law. The time needed to research an issue is dramatically decreased with these books, and there is no need to question of the books’ reliability.

Suffice to say, I cannot recommend these books enough.

by Christina M. Knopf, Esq., Michael I. Flores LLC, Orleans


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