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Partners' Lauch of $1.2B EHR System

By Patrick Sheehan posted Tue June 09,2015 05:06 PM


It will be interesting to see if Partners can reduce medical errors and produce efficiencies as hoped through its new EHR system all while managing to maintain the privacy of the underlying health records.





Mon July 13,2015 02:39 PM

Hospitals continually advance their healthcare technology systems under HITECH implementation -- electronic health records (EHRs), however, must be effectuated to safeguard patient privacy and confidentiality and to improve quality of care and cost containment.
On the public side, certain hospitals, which are new to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) meaningful use and attestation program, now have until August 14, 2015 to implement EHRs pursuant to the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive program. Here’s a link to recent CMS data | hospital registrants:

Wed June 10,2015 07:53 AM

It's medicine keeping up with technology. It should make it easier for medical providers to access more detailed and hopefully, accurate, patient information, bedside. The cost is pretty rich. However,
This is medicine keeping up with technology. It should make it easier for health care providers to access, more detailed patient information, bedside. To my knowledge, Partners is not an error prone group. Thus, its implementation may not justify its hefty price tag. However, that analysis is above my pay grade.