Patient Privacy in a Modern Health Care Era: Google Hangout on Air with David Harlow

By David Harlow posted Tue October 22,2013 02:37 PM


Patient Privacy in a Modern Healthcare Era: Google+ Hangout on Air with David Harlow

I had a wide-ranging conversation about the HIPAA and HITECH rules, and health care privacy and security with Kathi Browne as part of her Health Care Hangouts on Air series.

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As technologies like video communications, phone apps, and Google Glass stir interest as valuable tools in patient care, excitement soon turns to questioning regarding patient privacy in a modern healthcare era. Fear of HIPAA fines frequently results in healthcare innovators being told to put new technology on the back burner. There doesn't seem to be good answers on how to allow instant communication while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Can Healthcare Innovation and HIPAA Compliance Coexist?
How can physicians and patients utilize the latest and most useful technologies while appeasing those in charge of assuring HIPAA compliance? The healthcare world is hungry for answers and patients are eager for better (and more instant) communication. With social media and communication technology becoming so commonplace, there must be ways for healthcare to stay technologically current.

Kathi Browne talks with David Harlow about possible solutions toward addressing HIPAA compliance in an innovative healthcare environment. Could it be as simple as a universal patient waiver? Find out. 

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