Dispute Resolution Symposium

Friday, May 19, 2017, 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Conflict Resolution:  Advancements, Strategies and Trends

Join leaders in Dispute Resolution for the DR Symposium on May 19, from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., at the UMass Boston Campus Center.

Conference Keynote Jeff Thompson, Ph.D., will present insight into the world of the crisis/hostage negotiator, focusing on the techniques used for highly effective communication and de-escalation. You will learn how to defuse emotional situations with the specific skills used by law enforcement and others.

Jeff Thompson’s presentations represent his independent work and are not on behalf of any organization he is a member of or employed by.

For full conference agenda, session times, and faculty bios please click here.

The symposium will bring together users, practitioners, researchers and academics, and include highlights, such as:

  • DR trends and technology
  • Skill building breakout sessions
  • Ethics and emerging issues
  • Practice strategies and insights of preeminent local neutrals
    Improving your business
  • Networking with DR thought leaders

Whether you are a neutral or you bring your clients to the negotiation table, this conference has information you need for your practice.

Symposium programming includes:

  • Critical Components to Building a DR Practice
    Learn from industry experts what it takes to build a DR practice from the ground up. No matter your experience level, you are sure to gain insight crucial to establishing, growing or reinvigorating your DR business.
    Brian R. Jerome, Esq. (Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services, MBA DR Section chair)
    Charles "Chuck" Doran (MWI)
    David E. Matz (UMass Boston, McCormack Graduate School)
    Barbara L. Nason, Esq. (Nason Divorce Solutions LLC)
  • Avoiding Mediation Missteps
    Join an expert moderator and senior panel of neutrals to learn about common mediation mistakes and how skillfully guided examination of the issues can refine former inclinations.
    Sarah E. Worley, Esq. (Sarah E. Worley Conflict Resolution PC, MBA DR Section vice chair, moderator)
    Brad Honoroff, Esq. (The Mediation Group)
    John P. Ryan, Esq. (Sloane & Walsh)
    Maria C. Walsh, Esq. (JAMS)
  • The Vanishing Joint Session
    What does the decrease in joint opening sessions mean for mediation and mediators? This program will look at the impact of this evolving trend and consider the circumstances when opening sessions make sense -- and when they do not.
    David H. Gibbs, Esq., (Boston Law Collaborative LLC)
    Prof. Dwight Golann (Suffolk University Law School)
  • Online Dispute Resolution: Essential Innovation of Technical Difficulty?
    The use of online DR to resolve disputes is increasing rapidly. Learn about industries' technological options in order to make informed decisions on the future of your business services.
    Sheri Wilson (Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services)
    Ellen Waldorf, Esq. (eWaldorf Mediation)
    Stephen McDonough, Esq. (Next Phase Legal, LLC)
  • A Friendly Debate on the Pros and Cons of Hybrid Med/Arb
    Veteran arbitrator Jay Siegel and veteran mediator David Hoffman will debate the following question: When, if ever, should parties enlist the services of a neutral to be both the mediator and arbitrator of their dispute? Attendees will be encouraged to meet in small groups after the initial presentation to discuss their own experiences, questions and concerns.
    David A. Hoffman, Esq. (Boston Law Collaborative LLC)
    Jay S. Siegel, Esq. (Jay. S. Siegel, Arbitrator)
  • The Future of Fitting the Forum to the Fuss
    This workshop calls on neutrals and advocates to consider every DR modality available, or create a new process or a hybrid, if needed, rather than quickly choosing an "off the rack" DR process or defaulting to the traditional adversarial approach. Our panel of presenters will explore newer approaches, urge participants to apply creativity and experience to designing new structures, and come up with solutions that tailor the approach to the circumstances.
    Moderator Michael Zeytoonian, Esq. (Hutchings Barsamian Mandelcorn LLP, moderator)
    Jessica Block, Esq. (Block & Roos LLP)
    William F. Coyne Jr., Esq. (Boston Legacy Planning LLC)
    Jeffrey Fink, Esq. (Jeffrey Fink, Esq.)
  • Effective Skills of Mediators
    What really makes a mediator effective? Are the skills you use as a mediator the same that other people use? Do you try to specifically do certain actions while also avoiding others? Drawing on his doctoral research, Jeff Thompson will address the complexity of these questions and explain not only what actually works in mediation, but also how much of what DR professionals accomplish is done through nonverbal communication.
    Jeff Thompson, Ph.D. (Lipscomb University)
  • ESI Discovery in Arbitration
    Managing e-discovery in arbitration presents challenges. In this presentation, an experienced panel will discuss rules, case law and guidelines applying to ESI; key terms for inclusion in ESI and clawback agreements; and best practices for cost-effective e-discovery.
    Moderator Jonathan W. Fitch, Esq. (Fitch Law Partners LLP, moderator)
    James Berriman, CEO and Founder (Evidox)
    Stacey L. Cushner, Esq. (BCK Dispute Resolution Services Inc.)
    Stan Martin, Esq. (Commonsense Construction Law LLC)

The symposium will conclude with an informal networking opportunity.


Campus Center
100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125