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Proven leader, manager and senior mutual fund attorney with over 19 years of 1940 Act experience. Throughout my career, I have passionately worked to solve legal problems that meet my client's business goals. During the past 19 years, I have worked extensively on all phases of mutual funds from their creation, organization, exemptive relief, registration, and liquidation/merger. I am extremely comfortable in the board room and serve as secretary, chief legal officer, code of ethics compliance and AML officer for many mutual fund families. During my career, I have created many mutual fund complexes including master-feeder structures, fund of hedge funds, liquid alt-multi-manager funds and ETFs. I thrive in consulting/sales and enjoy helping clients design their investment pool products. I have managed people most of my 19 years and enjoy teaching and mentoring younger attorneys and paralegals. I am a relational leader who is very comfortable working with upper-management, clients and their boards. I bring passion, energy and humor to all my teams, projects and client relationships.

I have reached a stage in my career were I am considering starting my own practice and am looking for a mentor to provide advice/guidance as I transition from in-house back into private practice.

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