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Attorney William Driscoll focuses his interests on civil appellate practice before the Massachusetts Appeals Court and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC). He possesses the unique skills and knowledge required of an appellate attorney; a detail oriented thinker who enjoys appellate level research, writing, and oral advocacy. Appellate work is a niche area of the law requiring the navigation of very exacting procedural rules while practicing a broad span of legal practice areas. Client's benefit from Attorney Driscoll's focused, clear, and persuasive work. He takes the time to explain how an appeal proceeds, how the law was applied to the facts in your case in the lower court, and how it can be applied to your case on appeal. He provides a realistic opinion as to the cost and potential outcome of appeal. Attorney Driscoll provides other lawyers with legal consulting services. He offers his expertise in legal research, writing, and objective case review. He provides the perspective of an eye towards appeal, by either party.

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