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Happening Tomorrow! Mental Health Issues in Criminal Law and Beyond 4-7PM at the MBA

By Georgia Critsley posted Mon January 08,2018 05:24 PM

Do you have questions about identifying clients who may have mental health issues?

While many attorneys do not have a clinical or educational background that focuses on mental health issues, they often find themselves representing clients who suffer from mental health issues.

This important program will feature Dr. Judith Edersheim of Massachusetts General Hospital, a joint J.D. and M.D., who will discuss representing and interacting with mentally ill individuals in the courthouse setting. Recently, Dr. Edersheim spoke to Massachusetts judges on this topic. At this program she will discuss practical skills and strategies to use when representing clients with mental health issues in criminal matters. This presentation will then be followed with a panel discussion by mental health experts, judges, court
personnel, defense attorneys and prosecutors.

The panelists will discuss:
• How to effectively advocate for clients with mental health issues
• Strategies to help attorneys identify clients with mental health issues
• Practical tips when representing clients with mental illness
• Interview techniques
• How to obtain HIPAA releases
• Solutions and resources for clients and their attorneys
• Alternative sentences

CPCS will offer 3 hours of CLE credit for adult criminal trial and appeal panels.

There will be a networking reception following the panel discussion