Why Everyone Should Take a Course in Tactical Training

By Margaret Worlidge posted Tue May 18,2021 01:27 PM


Tactical training classes teach preventative measures people can take when the possibility of harm arises. Through tactical training, people can better position themselves for safety. But these classes teach much more than self-defense. They can also increase physical fitness, build the ability to problem solve, think quickly and gain the psychological stability to respond calmly and rationally in unexpected situations. 

It will benefit anyone who values life and safety

Executive Protection Training, also called body guard training, is not just for protecting celebrities or politicians. Pacific West Academy offers executive protection training in Los Angeles and San Diego and teaches trainees all the skills they need. The type of skills taught in tactical training will help people to protect their loved ones in crowded places where they may experience robberies, snatching, holdups, and more. 

Anyone can benefit from a tactical training class that teaches people how to respond in a situation where they may be called on to protect themselves, their families or their coworkers. Shootings can happen anywhere and at any time and it can be a while before the police arrive. Tactical training of civilians is about more than just using weapons and can help to save lives in any situation in daily life. 

It teaches awareness of the surroundings

In daily life, it is important to have a sense of awareness of the surroundings. For example, those who regularly jog outside wearing earphones may not be fully aware of what’s going on around them and this can be dangerous. It’s not about becoming paranoid but about being ready to respond. 

Tactical training teaches people how to learn to read crowds, find exit options, and visualize a certain situation and how to respond to it. Students may even learn how to find tools around them for protection if necessary. 

It teaches self-defense 

Tactical training teaches people how to deal with armed and unarmed confrontations, amongst other things. They won’t be martial arts gurus with six months of training but they learn practical ways to get out of tight situations. Learning arm locks and holds, how to strike vital points in the body, and basic quick blocks and counters gives them the opportunity to escape and run. 

It teaches functional fitness

Tactical training goes beyond self-defense. It helps to build muscle memory throughout the body, which can help in sports and with athletic performance. With such training, individuals can become faster, stronger, and more agile.

Functional fitness can have real implications in daily life beyond just helping with athletic performance. Students are taught to be comfortable working with their own body weight and doing things like dropping and standing quickly. Core work and toning the upper and lower body to react speedily are part of the training. Students might work on sprints or carrying an item like a sandbag. 

It provides training for the brain

Tactical training teaches people what to do in stressful situations, even if they don’t have a weapon. When people are under pressure, they need mental clarity. In such a situation moving from freeze mode to fight mode is part of the survival instinct. Training the mind to speed up reaction times and respond to challenging situations can be very helpful in many daily situations. 

Tactical training can also help to build leadership skills where individuals are prepared to step up and take charge when no one else is prepared to. This is a skill that can be applied in any career. Such training also builds the type of self-confidence that can be very beneficial in any area of life.