Ensuring Optimal Focus and Energy While Studying Online

By Margaret Worlidge posted Tue June 08,2021 10:33 PM


Online classes have gradually grown to equal regular classes in terms of education quality, if not surpass them. Students pursuing higher education through online classes have to go through a big shift in their approach towards learning because factors such as environment and time differ greatly between the two modes of learning. To maximize learning while studying online, here are a few helpful tips to follow.

Organize each study session

If there’s plenty to study, sitting down to study without having a goal in mind can make the material overwhelming. Dividing topics by dates or by study sessions beforehand can help maintain optimal focus and avoid distracting thoughts about the rest of the material. 

Whether you pursue an online law degree or business studies, you’ll benefit by organizing your study sessions. Abraham Lincoln University provides students with the required material to plan their study sessions and learn better. The reputed online school provides high-quality courses in business studies, criminal studies, and general studies, with a wide range of bachelor's and specialization options. 

Schedule your study hours

Online classes are great for those who cannot attend classes during regular college hours. While it’s great to have the flexibility of your study hours, being able to focus can become extremely difficult without a regular schedule. By following a set study routine, it’s easier to focus on the subject at hand. 

If you’re pursuing an online degree, you can benefit greatly by reserving the same time period every day for your studies. You can focus on other activities once your classes are over. Knowing when you’ll finish other tasks will help avoid any distraction or stress that may interfere with your studies.

Use learning strategies that work for you

Learning strategies can massively improve your memory retention. There are plenty of different learning strategies to choose from, each being useful in a certain way. Anagrams and limericks are a few of the popular learning strategies that students use. 

You can refer to sources online to learn various strategies or try developing your own learning strategies. Track your progress and retention level after using the learning strategies. If they don’t make much of a difference, you can experiment with other learning methods.

Create a study-friendly environment

The environment in which you study can play a big role in mood and energy levels. Students who study in dimly lit, untidy environments can find difficulty in maintaining focus and staying energized, while those who study in organized and well-lit environments can be more efficient learners. 

Having a table with a cushioned chair is better than studying in a relaxed environment such as a couch or a bed. Ensure that the table only holds that which is needed while studying and remove anything unnecessary. Moreover, remove any items that can be distracting, such as a toy or smartphone. 

Stretch and exercise

To keep your energy levels high, exercising every now and then is essential, so is stretching. The Pomodoro method is a popular technique in which study hours are divided into several sessions, with a small break between them. 

Using this time to stretch and walk around can help in giving your body a much-needed break. Exercising regularly can contribute to maintaining optimal energy levels and moods, which influence one’s ability to study and concentrate on the topic at hand. Formulate an exercise routine that you can use to make you feel energetic throughout the day.