About MentorMatch

MentorMatch, a virtual career development tool, provides you with a unique opportunity to share and receive leadership and management skills, guidance, advice, and valuable life lessons from fellow Massachusetts Bar Association members. This new, exclusive benefit allows you to learn different perspectives from various practice levels, and begin to build strong relationships and referral networks with MentorMatch participants.

Engage in the MBA's MentorMatch program and get the resources, tools and encouragement needed to help you succeed. 

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The MBA’s MentorMatch program provides an assortment of resources and mentoring relationships to all participating members. Through MentorMatch you are able to give back to the legal community by helping others learn and grow.

Now that you’ve decided to participate, follow these easy steps to get started and connect with your mentor or mentee. 


• Participate as a MentorMatch mentor 
• Participate as a MentorMatch mentee 

Here you are able to set your preferences. This will include: practice area, years in practice, program areas of interest, preferred communication and your availability. Please note that some fields are required for enrollment. 



• Find mentor 
• Find mentee

Search the member database to find mentors and/or mentees. You can choose how you want to connect — in-person, over the phone or via email. 



Congratulations you are ready to find your match! Send an invitation to the mentors or mentees who are the best fit for you.

• Start by searching for a mentor or mentee using our MentorMatch database.
• Click on the member's name that you're interested in establishing a mentor/mentee connection with. The link will bring you to their profile page.
• Found a match? Click on the MentorMatch badge found under the mentor or mentee you have selected. This will allow you to request a connection.
• Once your invitation is accepted, you can then connect.


Contact MentorMatch at mentormatch@massbar.org.