How Heat Wave and High Temperatures Damage Your Home?

By Margaret Worlidge posted Wed July 28,2021 09:32 PM


High temperatures may or might not result from drastic climate change, but it affects our homes in various waves. For ages, houses got designed to provide protection from cold and give warmth. In recent days, very high temperatures have started to cause immense damage to our living areas in addition to excessive cold. 

High-temperature damage

High temperature - a result of increased global warming has drastic effects on most wooden houses. The moisture in the air gets sucked up completely, and the wood tries to expand, causing it to crack, creating various types of leakages. 

Besides, continuous exposure to high cold and enormous heat not experienced in decades increases the wear and tear of the materials used to build the house. 

Homeowners who see damages due to high temperatures might not get due insurance coverage as they have to prove several factors. helps you find the right insurance lawyers who will help you get coverage under the natural disaster or homeowners insurance claim. 

Heat wave repairs 

Heat waves rocked the central part of the US, recently damaging several homes severely. Bursting pipelines, melting power outlets, and buckling floors were common during the heat waves. But most homeowners did not get any compensation from the insurance because many had flood insurance which did not cover the damage caused by the heat waves. 

Insurance lawyers can talk with firms and help you alter your policy from flood relief to natural disaster relief, covering a wide range of natural calamities. They will also get you a certain amount of relief funds to repair the home under the homeowner or renter's insurance schemes. 

Wildfire hazards

Wildfires continue to cause massive damage in California and other adjacent states for the past few years. The insurance companies have altered their schemes to cover wildfires in the most danger-prone areas. But the firing area's width and girth keep increasing every year, and new regions get affected constantly. 

The homeowners who never believed their residence would face a threat under wildfires struggle to manage the property damage and the mounting house repair costs. Electrical wiring, plumbing, and many other essential requisites get damaged even if the fire does not burn the house down. 

Excess heat effects on roof and floor 

Heat waves and high temperatures affect the roof and floor of the house severely and cause suffocation due to ventilation failure. Most of the roofs start leaking due to excess heat as the wood tries to expand and cracks. 

It might result in a shortage of electrical circuits and fire. The insurance companies usually cover for such damages under home insurance if it is a single house or an accidental cause. 

They might delay or reject the claim for minor reasons like the damage was not caused by the fire, the policy doesn't cover the particular damage, etc. Get the help of a good insurance lawyer who will get the issue solved and help you get relief from home insurance. 

Foundation damage 

The very high temperature might cause severe damage to the foundation of the house. The moisture in the earth is sucked dry, and the foundation starts to lose grip. It is wise to use a sprinkler system in such cases to maintain the moisture around the foundation. 

It costs a considerable amount to repair the house's foundation, and the insurance companies will ask for proof it got damaged through excess heat. 

Besides, they will also require you to prove that the foundation was strong before to get help under natural disaster claims or homeowners repair claims. Seek the help of a good lawyer to sort out the technical details. 

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