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Anthony C. Adamopoulos' Divorce Resolution Services


Effecting positive resolution in divorce or civil disputes is what I do. Depending on the circumstances, I offer Arbitration or Mediation for divorce and civil disputes. Depending on the need, I provide Collaborative Representation or Limited Assistance in divorce, modification, support and contempt matters. My objective with each matter is to determine the unique needs of a client, or clients, and then work to tailor a process for positive resolution. As a Divorce Arbitrator, I work with attorneys or pro se parties to use cost and time saving Arbitration to resolve any issue. As a Divorce Mediator, I work with parties to identify individual interests and help each party to realize those interests in a quick and efficient mediation process. As a Collaborative Attorney, I use my special training to work exclusively for settlement in collaboration with my client, the spouse and the spouse’s Collaboratively trained attorney. As a certified Limited Assistance Attorney, I provide only the services my client requests for any divorce, modification, support or contempt dispute. When one issue prevents resolution I offer Deadlock Arbitration. See: My web site: gives a complete description of my background, experience, services and client reviews.

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