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With the growth of my trust practice over the decades, I have dedicated my practice to administering trusts for children and adults in need of protection. We are committed to providing the beneficiaries with the best possible life. The size of this practice allows each beneficiary to benefit from the firm's multidisciplinary network of resources includes, investment advisors, special education advocates, tax planners, social workers and disability advocates. We administer trusts with complete transparency with duplicate monthly statements and annual accountings provided for each trust. The skills of handling complex and ground breaking litigation are dedicated to this unique practice now dedicated solely to trust administration. As a trial lawyer, I served as president of the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys and also successfully represented court employees, pro bono, in asbestos and sick building cases. The employees, working at Middlesex Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse and Norfolk Probate and Family Court, were relocated to new facilities – with no asbestos and adequate ventilation – in Woburn and Canton respectively. As a trustee, and former, trial lawyer, there is nothing more rewarding, both personally and professionally, than to know that you had a positive impact on someone’s life.” For the past 27 years as an attorney I have been blessed with that opportunity and responsibility.

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