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  • How to be an Advocate without being Arrogant

    The practice of law is often adversarial. But even when zealously representing one’s client, it’s important to act in a manner that is both civil and professional. Attorneys who effectively balance... MORE

  • 42nd Annual Robert Fuchs Labor Law Conference: Gov't and the Bar Confront the Fissured Workplace

    The 42nd Annual Robert Fuchs Labor Law Conference highlights a year of significant legal developments. Do not miss this exclusive opportunity to network with colleagues, program faculty, and the leaders... MORE


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  • Blog # 2: “Patience is a virtue” Dear Jeni, One proverbial expression that people often quote is, “patience is a virtue.” This expression is sort of cliché, however, this expression truly became real for me when I became an attorney....

  • Blog # 1: “If I knew before the obstacles that I would have to endure in becoming an attorney I probably would…” Dear Jeni, You are probably wondering why I am addressing this blog to a person named Jeni, short for Jennifer. I’ll get...

  • originally posted on This week last July 2012, I had knots in my stomach and felt like I was going to be ill. It was bar exam week. The week that every law school student dreads from the moment they enter school as a 1L. ...

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  • Originally posted at . For a lot of small businesses and startups, there’s just not a lot of money to go around. So when that business is looking to make payroll, get a minimum viable product out the door, or just keep the lights...

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  • Originally posted at . In Part 1 of this two-part post I discussed what an 83(b) election is and walked through one particular situation in which someone should make that election (hint: if the company is currently valued at or close...

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Melissa Ann Conner (left), chair
Victoria  Santoro (right), chair-elect

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Michael J. Leard is an associate at Cetrulo LLP, whose practice focuses in the areas of business litigation, products liability, and pharmaceutical litigation. Mike also has experience counseling clients in environmental and occupational safety and health compliance issues. He is an active member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, where he serves on the board of directors for the Young Lawyers Division and as a member of the Complex Commercial Litigation section. Mike also teaches a course in occupational safety and health at Tulane University’s School of Public Health.
Recently, Mike moderated a panel on Conducting Client Intake Interviews for the Young Lawyers Division. He has also published multiple articles in the Complex Commercial Litigation Section’s ComCom Quarterly on Superior Court Judges’ preferences and practices with respect to business litigation matters. Mike is scheduled to speak on Deposition Practice for Young Lawyers as part of the MBA’s Second Annual Ski-LE on February 4, 2016, at Mount Sunapee.
Mike graduated from Tulane Law School in 2011, where he served as Senior Managing Editor of the Sports Lawyers Journal, and The College of the Holy Cross in 2008.


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