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  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has embarked upon landmark payment reform for providers (doctors and clinicians) under its CY 2019 Proposed Physician Fee Schedule.  Decreased physician paperwork and increased doctor/patient relations ... MORE

  • Once the federales blocked the health insurance company mega-mergers, it was only a matter of time before alternative approaches to rearranging the three-dimensional chessboard of the healthcare-industrial complex would emerge. The approach du jour ... MORE

  • Lifespan, the largest hospital system in Rhode Island, says it has joined merger discussions between another health system in the state and Boston-based Partners HealthCare. ... MORE

  • After over 25 years, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) continues to receive bipartisan support and offers fundamental reform protections that benefit our society and the qualified individuals it safeguards. The ADA is not an entitlement program ... MORE

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  • The FDA had a digital health banner day on December 7, announcing one final guidance and two draft guidance documents (with a 60-day comment period). Collectively, these guidances cover a range of digital health issues, and it is worth ... MORE

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Deborah Wheaton Hemdal, Esq. has a solo law practice in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.  Her work focuses mainly on family law and special education issues. She works primarily with families with disabled children, both minors and adults. Hemdal is an adjunct instructor in the Rabb School of Graduate and Professional Studies at Brandeis University. She is also an adjunct instructor with the legal studies program at Newbury College.
Hemdal’s volunteer activities reflect her commitment to the disabled and rights for all. She serves as chair of the Human Rights Committee for the Horace Mann Educational Association, and she also volunteers the Rotary Club of Shrewsbury and serves as a town meeting member in Shrewsbury. Hemdal co-authored an article for the Health Law Section in the January/February edition of the Massachusetts Lawyers Journal entitled “Software Companies versus Doctors: Who Owns Electronic Health Records?” She recently presented at seminars on “Lawfully Managing Student Records Without Violating Privacy Rights” and “Disciplining Students with Behavioral Issues” for the National Business Institute Inc. She also presented a webinar for the Rabb School at Brandeis University on “Who Has Access to Your Medical Records.”
Hemdal holds a BA degree (Government) from Cornell University; an MA (Political Science) from Binghamton University, and a JD from Western New England University. She is licensed in both Massachusetts and Connecticut.


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